High contrast Infrared Polarizer P02

Free-standing grid array polarizer for the far-infrared and mid-infrared. Patented design extends high-frequency limit by one order of magnitude to typically 2500cm-1 or 4m. A polarization contrast better than Tp/Ts = 10,000 : 1 is reached.

  • Very high degree of polarization P = (Tp - Ts)/(Tp + Ts) > 99.99%
  • Thin, compact, rotable
  • Wide wavelength range > 300m to 4m (equivalent to 30 ..... 2500cm-1)
  • Continuous mid-ir to far-ir-coverage
  • No substrate - there is no beam deviation and no substrate dependent dispersion
  • Ideal for 0.9 to 75THz spectroscopy
  • Standard clear apertures: 25 and 40mm diameter
  • Application: THz-, fir-, mir-spectroscopy, polarimetry, ellipsometry

The polarizer is mounted in a 34.8mm dia. x 8mm thick metal ring.

Please see below the typical
extinction and transmission spectrum (against linearly polarized light as reference):

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IR polarizer P02